Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stem Cells: An Emerging Boon to Veterinarians

There are lots of researches going on using Stem Cells which have the great potential to relieve human diseases. But most of the stem cell research uses animals, in order to develop a fuller understanding of how stem cells work and how to manipulate them in order to develop potential treatments. Animals are used to test the potential new drugs before they are tried out on humans, which is unethical as it causes animal suffering for the benefits of humans.

It's a major surprise to know that the experiments involving animals have provided a breakthrough in medical science. But this breakthrough which applied to animals may not necessarily always apply to humans.

In the recent report, advance stem cell research could halt abusing of animals. Also, it could save a lot of time and effort of taking the wrong drugs through, because they affect the animal cells but don't have an effect on human cells. This approach of using stem cell has also been utilized by veterinarians to treat animals, as most of the drugs used by veterinarians are discovered for humans.

Developing such an alternative to animal testing is not the same as ending animal testing. Stem cell research is an approach to replace certain tests someday, but will not replace all vivisection.